• Appetizers

    • Bruschetta Mista

      Bruschetta Mista


      Chef's choice trio of bruschetta

    • Olive Marinate

      Olive Marinate


      A bowl of marinated olives

    • Cold starter

      Cold starter


      Get yourself started with a collection of the best bites this restaurant has to offer

    • Pan Fried Free Range Egg

      Pan Fried Free Range Egg


      sweet corn, marjoram salsa, blueberry chutney

    • Signature Dishes

    • Salted Fried Chicken

      Salted Fried Chicken


      Chicken / Olive Oil / Salt

    • Crab with Curry Sources

      Crab with Curry Sources


      Crab / Potatoes / Rice

    • Stonebaked pesto pizza

      Stonebaked pesto pizza


      Authentic Italian pizza baked in stone oven

    • Desserts

    • Raspberry Cheescake

      Raspberry Cheescake


      Rich fruity mouse with crumbly base

    • Wild fruit salad

      Wild fruit salad


      Locally picked berries and apples

    • Drinks

    • House Wine

      House Wine


      Red / Rose / White

    • Peroni Lager

      Peroni Lager


      Cool, refreshing crisp lager

    • Sparking Water and Lime

      Sparking Water and Lime


      Cool mineral water garnished with crisp lime and mint.