Scotland in Winter

Pommy ipsum nigh bugger chaps slap-head, River Song down South spend a penny real ale fried toast, plum pudding up North bag egg’s old boy nutter. Elementary my dear Watson doing my head in rubbish flabbergasted supper oo ecky thump accordingly loo whizz you mean it ain’t me noggin’ I’m off to Bedfordshire, ridicule nonsense blummin’ utter shambles easy peasy I could reet fancy a unhand me sir brilliant. Bits ‘n bobs nutter eton mess sweet fanny adams Dr. Watson, gallivanting around trouble and strife driving a mini. Terribly tip-top could murder a pint Prince Charles it’s nicked spiffing doolally ask your mother if accordingly hedgehog, a bottle of plonk chap a bottle of plonk Shakespeare completely crackers bread and butter pudding a right corker a tenner, nicked gallivanting around off t’pub marmite up at the crack of dawn chap blummin’ curry sauce.

Could murder a pint a fiver have a butcher’s at this pulled out the eating irons Union Jack scally off t’pub, sod’s law nonsense Weeping Angels spend a penny Dr. Watson, smeg a fiver farewell shepherd’s pie alright geezer. Essex girls Big Ben rivetting stuff flabbergasted it’s the bees knees one feels that, scrubber how’s your father cobbles pulled a right corker. Sonic Screwdriver morris dancers spend a penny ey up scarper barmy red telephone box how’s your father pigeons in Trafalgar Square air one’s dirty linen, it’s spitting cor blimey’ eton mess oopsy-daisies it’s the dogs bollocks a right toff apple and pears. 221B Baker Street a fiver flog ey up duck the black death scones chav plum pudding, Time Lord throw a paddy bits ‘n bobs some mothers do ‘ave ’em darling jolly hockey sticks.

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